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We are on a mission to become the global leader in building outstanding, purposeful and resilient brands in China. Through our three core services, we execute intelligent strategy with operational finesse to create sustained success for our clients.
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Equip for entry & growth

From market entry to operational strategy, our data methodology helps brands to understand people and navigate the Chinese market with confidence.

Our model enables clients to make clear, timely and purposeful choices. Ones which are informed by quantitative methodologies and on-the-ground relationships with retailers, distributors and technology platforms.

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Brand building


Create resonance and trust

Generating influence is key to inspiring customers to trust your brand in an insulated market. Whether that’s ‘always on’ marketing, reaching key opinion leaders, producing creative design or carrying out effective PR.

We optimise brand building through real-time connection with your customers and sales platforms. This approach enables forensic understanding of target audiences, personalisation of messaging and innovative delivery.

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Convert trust to commitment

We help brands to sell with resilience in a landscape that is dynamic, infused with technology and integrated with social. We do this in sectors as varied as cross-border eCommerce and offline retail.

Our model involves creating sales channels optimised to your market opportunity, integrated with marketing, and powered through little data insights.

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How it all works together

We use little data to help you understand your target customer. We help you deliver the right message, at the right moment, and in the right place to inspire their trust. This process never stops – your customer is not static; nor should you be.