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Why us?

We are QIVA; the operating partner powering some of China’s most successful European brands.

We integrate sales & marketing:

Allowing our clients to make direct linkages between marketing investment and sales performance and enabling informed decision-making.

We are multi-cultural and multi-lingual:

This is our asset to overcome complex problem sets. Our team’s diversity means we can challenge perceptions, deconstruct stuck logic and find solutions that work in the East and the West.

We do holistic commerce:

Because customers are not one-dimensional. Sales ecosystems interface with real people, online and offline, so we create tailored solutions that align with what you want to achieve.

We are digital and digitised:

Which is how we create value for your customers. Digital is not a bolt-on buzzword, it’s how we operate as a team and integrate sales and marketing operations.

We measure what matters:

So we start with your little data. Empirical data is our guide to appropriate and effective operational strategy; not vanity metrics.

We do long-term:

We are enduring allies for your brand in China. Our success is the result of our commitment, capability, and proven record with the brands we manage.

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Our model

Data science sits at the epicentre of everything we do;

we use it to understand people, inspire customers and sell with resilience.

Our partners

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Innovation requires actionable and differentiated ideas - the kind that excite customers and bring new categories and markets into being.

What our partners say...

It’s been a great pleasure working with the QIVA team - exchanging ideas, reviewing marketing strategies and developing successful campaigns for the Chinese market. They were always available and very motivated to drive this project. We can absolutely recommend their services and would seek their advice for future topics.

Head of Asia & Greater China

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