Sow, Seed, Harvest: Want to generate more sales on Tmall? Take it back to basics.

Sow, Seed, Harvest: Want to generate more sales on Tmall? Take it back to basics.

Here at QIVA, we help our clients grow their innovative brands in China with a strategic approach called Sow, Seed, Harvest. Although consumer behaviour can differ in the Chinese market, global trends can have a big impact and this approach allows us to build trust authentically and sustainably, regardless of global events. What we notice time and time again, in the face of often concurrent global crises, is that the brands who make themselves ‘sticky’ who weather the storm. This is one of the main advantages of Sow, Seed, Harvest - a methodical, strategic approach that builds momentum with intentional action. 

What is the Seed, Sow, Harvest approach?  

When you talk about planting seeds, one of the phrases it gives rise to in Chinese is “I’ve been seeded” which translates to “I’ve been persuaded”. At QIVA, we started out taking a strategic approach that sought to answer this idea of authentically ‘seeding’ Chinese consumers about our clients’ products. We watched as industry peers just brazenly paid for KOL posts that lacked any contextual relevance to the audience, and winced. Would you do this in your home market and hope to have a business? 


The truth of the matter is, if you want to generate sales on Tmall you need to recognise that customers begin their journey to your brand significantly before they land on your Tmall page. When they hit your Tmall page, they are typing in maximum four words to find you. Is that all you’re worth…four words?! 

Again. No.  

Your seed is your idea. It’s how you stand up against your competition as unique, with clear USPs and an ‘unfair advantage’ from which you can attack, and defend. Sowing is how you draw attention, create interest, help people discover you in their search for solutions (News flash -> consumers don’t go to Tmall to search for solutions. They go there to BUY). Harvest is where Tmall comes in, and it is a phenomenal channel for businesses to reach consumers and uphold a level of service they are accustomed to.  

But take it from us, if you’re on Tmall and want to generate more sales, think about your seed first…then start to sow it. Then you can expect great things.  

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