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About us

We are a consumer brand services business working with some of the most dynamic consumer brands of our time.

We’re here to help you grow from unknown outsider to market leader, creating new standards of impact and performance without compromising on quality.

Established in 2016, our journey started in China where we quickly became the operating partner to some of Europe’s best loved brands, including;

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Our singular solution provides brand owners with everything they need from one outsourced partner, in China and now in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.

Working with a network of trusted distributors, we put in place the optimal channel arrangements for your brand giving you unrivalled reach in this fragmented and diverse region.

Our team

headshot of Ellie Adams - Founder & CEO

Ellie Adams

Founder & CEO

Ellie is CEO & Founder of QIVA Global, grown from the ground up to amplify progressive, impact-focused consumer brands internationally.

She is passionate about CPG for its ability to generate large-scale positive impact, disrupt status quo and empower consumers to contribute positively to society, communities and the planet. A fluent Mandarin speaker, Ellie has led the commercial strategy for some of Europe’s best-loved brands in the Asia region.

Ellie started her career working for Thomson Reuters as a Business Graduate. She worked on sales and strategy projects in China and the UK before moving to Washington D.C. for a role in Government Affairs. Deciding politics really wasn’t her thing, Ellie joined Monitor Deloitte, a strategy consultancy, where she worked with commercial clients on business operations and strategy.

Ellie is a graduate of Tsinghua (Beijing) and Durham Universities.

headshot of Lei Jiang - Co-founder and COO

Lei Jiang

Co-founder and COO

Affectionately called “Lei-Ge” (Big Brother) by his work colleagues, Lei has led the charge in building the operational infrastructure QIVA uses to build consumer brands in Europe and China. His knowledge of Chinese and European markets have equipped him with unique understanding of the commercial landscape Chinese brands must navigate.

Born in China, Lei moved to Germany to study Engineering. Following a short-lived career in automotives, Lei realised his true passion for CPG and entrepreneurship. Having worked for a well-known German FMCG company, Lei joined forces with Ellie to build QIVA Global. Armed with his jiu-jitsu analytical skills from a near-miss career in engineering, Lei helps our brands outmaneuver their competitors in Asian and European markets.

Lei is a graduate of Shanghai Tongji University and Technical University Berlin. Lei lives in Berlin with his family.

headshot of Jieling Zheng - Operations Director

Jieling Zheng

Brand Operations Director

Combining disarming charm with bone-dogged determination, Jieling is the not-so-secret weapon behind QIVA’s operational successes. Following a short career in corporate land, Jieling discovered she was much more at home in a punchy start-up where she could unleash her appetite for all things CPG.

Jieling has a master’s degree from Manchester University and now lives in Sichuan, China, where her tolerance for spice is unrivalled.

headshot of Haiyan - Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager

The youngest (and smiliest) member of our crew, Haiyan, brings QIVA’s portfolio the (Generation) “Z” it needs to engage Asia’s fastest growing generation of consumers.

Prior to joining QIVA, Haiyan worked for a social media and influencer agency with offices throughout Asia. Here she learned the art of crafting persuasive messaging to drive consumer behaviour. Don’t mess with her on social!

headshot of Grace Liu - Company Secretary

Grace Liu

Company Secretary

A fluent English, German and native Chinese speaker, Grace deploys all manner of languages to keep our team in check. Grace runs our international offices and creates the conditions for happy and high performing teams.

A mum of two young children, there is very little that Grace cannot do.

headshot of Akuma & Rob - Designer Team

Akuma & Rob


The Yin and Yang of our design team, Rob and Akuma bring ideas to life through artwork. Combining East and West artistic styles, they make our brands stand out with cross-cultural flair.

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Our values


We are committed to building brands that can inspire and create value for customers.

Customer first

We believe loyalty should be earned, which means hearing what customers have to say.

Pursue quality

We are ruthless in the pursuit of quality for our clients.

What we do